Х.Баттулга сайд, MCS-ийн Ж.Од нарын хоорондын сөргөлдөөн Wall Street Journal-д

Х.Баттулга сайд, MCS-ийн Ж.Од нарын хоорондын сөргөлдөөн Wall Street Journal-д гарсан нь:

... One such person is national rich guy Kh. Battulga, one of the most controversial figures in political and business life today. He is a former national judo champion, a man who drives a Bentley and paid $10 million out of his own pocket to build the gargantuan statue of Genghis Khan on Mongolia's steppes. Battulga is a developer—he is turning the land around the statue into a resort—and also happens to be the minister of road, transportation, construction and urban development and a powerful leader of Parliament. He traveled the exterior as an athlete, started trading by selling electronic appliances from China, graduated to computers and now owns a large meat-processing plant that supplies the country. In 2004, "my own needs were met," he says, so he decided to run for Parliament.
Today, his grand vision is to build a $10 billion industrial complex the Mongolians call a "production city" named Sainshand, also in the middle of nowhere in the Gobi, 300 miles from the Russian border, 125 miles from China and about 200 miles northeast from the proposed Tavan Tolgoi coal mine. It would be connected by highway and rail to the capital and by rail only to Russia. Instead of selling unrefined ore and coal to the Chinese, who collect it in trucks, Sainshand would process the minerals and refine the oil. Mongolia could then sell its commodities at an increased profit of at least 30 percent, according to estimates, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. But first the city has to be created from scratch. Then the coal will have to travel 3,000 miles from the mine, including a connection to the Russian railroad, before reaching the port of Vladivostok. Battulga told me he got the Sainshand idea because a Buddhist thinker in the 19th century predicted that one day a great metropolis would grow there.
All over Ulan Bator I hear naysayers on Sainshand. The local gossip is that Battulga is in cahoots with the Russians. "The Russians quite naively believe if they monopolize the railroad around the minerals they'll have control of the mineral wealth," says J. Od, who with his brother is one of Mongolia's biggest businessmen and taxpayers, doing a lot of business with the Chinese. He dismisses it all as politics, declaring that's the way "the clowns" in government mix politics with business. "Sainshand," he continues, "is some so-called geopolitical policy of Russia. It cannot be implemented in Mongolia today—it's too late." Battulga counters: "For Mongolia it's not profitable to sell raw materials to China. It's not geopolitical, it's business. We want minerals sold to the world market."

Х.Баттулга сайд саяханы нэг ярилцлагадаа:

-2008 оны сонгуулиар хоёр нам Оюу толгой, Таван толгойг эдийн засгийн эргэлтэд оруул­на гэж амласан. Уул уурхайгаа хөдөл­гөөнд оруулж 2.7 сая иргэд­дээ хувь, хишиг өгөхөөр ярьсан. Хам­тарсан засаг байгуулсан гол утга учир энд л байсан. Уг нь энэ хоёр ордын ашиглалтыг зэрэг эхлүүлэх ёстой байсан. Харам­салтай нь Оюу толгойг түрүүлээд явуулчихлаа. Тавантолгойн ор­дын ашиглалт хоцорч яригдах болсон нь шулуу­хан хэ­лэхэд Ухаа худагтай хол­боотой л доо.

Ухаа худагийг том Тавантолгойн ор­доос өрсөж эхлүү­лэх сонир­холт­нууд лобби, нөлөө ихтэй байж чад­сан. Тэгээд л том Тавантолгойн төсөл хоцор­чих­сон. Ингэхгүй бол Ухаа худагийн хувьцаа үнэд орохгүй байсан шиг байгаа юм.

Уг нь том Таван­тол­гойн уурхай эхэлж, Оюу­толгой­тойгоо цуг хөдөл­гөөнд орсон бол нэгэн зэрэг ахиухан ор­лого орж ирнэ ээ дээ. Бөөн орж ирэх мөнгөөр нь дэд бүтцээ хөгжүүлэх, орон сууц­жуулах, төмөр зам, сумдын авто­замын сүлжээ гээд тулгамдсан асууд­луудыг ший­дье, бодитой ажил болгоё гэсэн санаагаар дээрх төслүүдийг өнгөр­сөн жил УИХ-аар оруулж батал­сан юм. 1950, 1960-аад оны үед оро­суудын хийсэн бодлоготой дүйцэхүйц бодлогыг 2008 сонгуу­лиар байгуу­лагдсан УИХ баталсан ухаантай юм л даа, уг нь.



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